2015 Shorts

  1. The Subterranean Stadium (Errol Morris)
  2. Spyball (Christina Burchard & Daniel Newman)
  3. World of Tomorrow [No Review]
  4. Brave in the Attempt (Fritz Mitchell)
  5. First Pitch (Angus Wall)
  6. Student / Athlete (Ken Jeong)
  7. Frozen Fever (Jennifer Lee & Chris Buck) [No Review]
  8. Unhittable: Sidd Finch and the Tibetan Fastball (Peter Sillen)
  9. Sanjay’s Super Team (Sanjay Patel) [No Review]
  10. Delaney (Grant Curtis)
  11. Being Mr. Met (Errol Morris)
  12. The Sweat Solution (David Beilinson & Neil Amdur)
  13. The Streaker (Errol Morris)
  14. Chrome (Errol Morris)
  15. Thicker than Water (Jennifer Arnold) [No Review]
  16. #BringBackSungWoo (Josh Swade & Josh Shelov)
  17. The Heist (Errol Morris)
  18. Every Day (Gabe Spitzer)
  19. Lava (James Ford Murphy) [No Review]
  20. The Anti-Mascot (Colin Hanks)
  21. Tose: The Movie (Mike Tollin)
  22. Ted Turner’s Greatest Race (Gary Jobson)
  23. The Pittsburgh Drug Trials (Michael Jacobs)
  24. Most Valuable Whatever (Errol Morris)
  25. The Billion Dollar Game (Nick Guthe)
  26. An Immortal Man (Josh Koury & Myles Kane)