30 for 30 Shorts

With the continued success of the flagship series, 30 for 30, which includes feature length documentary films covering some of the most interesting, entertaining, and dramatic stories in sports, ESPN continued the idea of 30 for 30 into a series of short films, produced by ESPN and released on their sister site, Grantland.com (now defunct). ESPN continues releasing these entertaining shorts on their main 30 for 30 site, so I intend to continue watching them and writing about them!

  1. Here Now (Eric Drath)
  2. Arnold’s Blueprint (Jeff & Michael Zimbalist)
  3. Jake (Jonathan Hock)
  4. The Arnold Palmer (Barry Gordon)
  5. Ali: The Mission (Amani Martin)
  6. Disdain the Mundane (Nelson George)
  7. Holy Grail: The T206 Honus Wagner (Colin & Nick Barnicle)
  8. Silver Reunion (Rory Karpf)
  9. The Irrelevant Giant (Don Lepore & Shaun Silva)
  10. Cutthroat (Steven Cantor)
  11. Tommy and Frank (Richie Keen)
  12. Wilt Chamberlain: Borscht Belt Bellhop (Caroline Laskow & Ian Rosenberg)
  13. Arthur & Johnnie (Tate Donovan)
  14. Collision Course (Billy Corben)
  15. The Schedule Makers (Joseph Garner)
  16. The Great Imposter (Matt Dillmore)
  17. Judging Jewell (Adam Hootnick)
  18. The Deal (Colin & Nick Barnicle)
  19. Untucked (Danny Pudi)
  20. From Harlem with Love (Matt Ogens)
  21. Posterized (Andrew Jenks)
  22. Mecca: The Floor that Made Milwaukee Famous (Chris James Thompson)
  23. The High Five (Michael Jacobs)
  24. Kid Danny (Andrew Cohn)
  25. Fields of Fear (Alex Gibney)
  26. The Great Trade Robbery (Stuart Zicherman)
  27. Our Tough Guy (Molly Schiot)
  28. Robbed (Eric Drath)
  29. Student / Athlete (Ken Jeong)
  30. The Sweat Solution (David Beilinson & Neil Amdur)
  31. An Immortal Man (Josh Koury & Myles Kane)
  32. The Billion Dollar Game (Nick Guthe)
  33. Unhittable: Sidd Finch and the Tibetan Fastball (Peter Sillen)
  34. The Anti-Mascot (Colin Hanks)
  35. Ted Turner’s Greatest Race (Gary Jobson)
  36. Spyball (Christina Burchard & Daniel Newman)
  37. Brave in the Attempt (Fritz Mitchell)
  38. Delaney (Grant Curtis)
  39. First Pitch (Angus Wall)
  40. The Pittsburgh Drug Trials (Michael Jacobs)
  41. #BringBackSungWoo (Josh Swade & Josh Shelov)
  42. Every Day (Gabe Spitzer)
  43. Tose: The Movie (Mike Tollin)
  44. Thicker Than Water (Jennifer Arnold)
  45. Friedman’s Shoes (Danny Lee)
  46. Slick, Nancy, and the Telethon (Michael Husain)
  47. The Bad Boy of Bowling (Bryan Storkel)
  48. I Am Yup’ik (Daniele Anastasion & Nathan Golon)
  49. No Kin to Me (Marc Kinderman)
  50. Tiger Hood (Christopher Andrew Marks)
  51. When the King Held Court (Palmer Holton)
  52. Gonzo @ the Derby (Michael D. Ratner)
  53. A.C. Green: Iron Virgin (Isaac Feder)
  54. The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere (Mickey Duzyj)
  55. We Are (Jay Bulger & Joshua Shelov)
  56. The Guerrilla Fighter (Gaspar Gonzalez)
  57. What the Hell Happened to Jai-Alai? (Ryan Suffern)
  58. The Throwback (Erin Leyden)
  59. The Counterfeiter (Brian Biegel)
  60. Strike Team (Willie Ebersol)