ESPN Soccer Stories

In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup, ESPN launched a new documentary series entitled Soccer Stories, which chronicles some of the most powerful moments in the sport’s history. Bookended by feature length films, the series was inspired by the success of 30 for 30. Although I am not a huge soccer fan myself, I could not resist the powerful storytelling of the series, and the chance to learn more about the world’s game.

  1. Hillsborough (Daniel Gordon)
  2. Maradona ’86 (Sam Blair)
  3. The Opposition (Ezra Edelman & Jeffrey Plunkett)
  4. Ceasefire Massacre (Alex Gibney & Trevor Birney)
  5. The Myth of Garrincha (Marcos Horacio Azevedo)
  6. Mysteries of the Rimet Trophy (Brett Ratner)
  7. Barbosa – The Man Who Made All of Brazil Cry (Loch Phillipps)
  8. White, Blue and White (Camilo Antolini)