The John Grisham Project

I’ve been reading a lot more recently and one popular author whose work I’ve never explored before is John Grisham. While my Letterboxd page would lead most to believe I’ve taken in his films The Firm, The Rainmaker and A Time to Kill, in reality I only recall A Time to Kill. With a few other massively popular books/ movies, there is plenty of content to fuel a marathon like this one.

Truth be told, I had this idea after my wife shockingly learned I had never read his books, which are among some of her favorites. So, I have decided to undertake reading these books, and watching these movies (the latter part in which she will join me). I will include written review of each as I get to them here. As reading is a part of this marathon, I will have no set timeline and who knows how long it may take for me to finish some of Grisham’s famed tomes. With that being said, I would welcome others to join in the project or at least the conversation.

I’ll be doing this chronologically by movie release, not book release:

1. The Firm
Book: John Grisham, 1991
Movie: Sydney Pollack, 1993

2. The Pelican Brief
Book: John Grisham, 1992
Movie: Alan J. Pakula, 1993

3. The Client
Book: John Grisham, 1993
Movie: Joel Schumacher, 1994

4. A Time to Kill
Book: John Grisham, 1988
Movie: Joel Schumacher, 1996

5. The Chamber
Book: John Grisham, 1994
Movie: James Foley, 1996

6. The Rainmaker
Book: John Grisham, 1995
Movie: Francis Ford Coppola, 1997

7. Runaway Jury
Book: John Grisham, 1997
Movie: Gary Fleder, 2003