Champagne (1928)


Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writers: Alfred Hitchcock & Eliot Stannard

The story is simple. It starts with a young heiress arriving in a plane to a cruise ship in the Atlantic, trying to chase down a man. Then the ship lands in Paris and the two become estranged and the heiress’ father arrives, bearing the news that they have lost their fortune because Wall Street has crashed. From here her life is changed and she much adapt to life as a middle class citizen, even having to take a job. We continue to see her relationships play out until there is a twist and then a happy ending.

Overall I found the film pretty bland. There are moments that are quite nice. I have grown accustomed to seeing Gordon Harker in these Hitchcock silent films, this is the third one I’ve seen him in, and he always is solid. The lead here is Betty Balfour and she is good too. It is meant as a romantic comedy of sorts but it is never very funny, by my or today’s sense of humor anyway. Sure the situation lends itself to comedy, but the story is too simple and too conventional, at least for my eyes, for it to be groundbreaking. To be honest, I will be glad to move out of the silents and into the talkies soon.

**1/2 – Average

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