The Ring (1927)


Director & Writer: Alfred Hitchcock

The story is simple and straightforward: A boxer has a wife, another boxer falls for her, they have to fight for her love, literally in this case in the end. Simple it may be and oftentimes that is a great strength in films, but not here. I really didn’t like the storyline, not because of what it was, but because it was so simple. I have seen this story before, maybe not exactly, but close enough. And I do not carry the perspective knowledge enough to put me in the time of 1927 to watch this film. If I were able to, I’m willing to bet I would be able to appreciate it much much more, but as this is not the case, I didn’t.

The acting seemed to be much more over the top in this one too, than in The Lodger. I think that may have been more of a story style thing rather than a fault, and I understand it was a silent film and they used more “expressive” acting techniques for these films, but in this case I just found it annoying. The camera work was less interesting, although there were a handful of neat shots. Overall, I just found it uninteresting and the ending didn’t do anything else to make it better, it ended somewhat abruptly.

** – Poor

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