Beauty and the Beast (1991)


Director: Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise
Writer: Linda Woolverton & Roger Allers

The only animated film to be nominated for Best Picture. I’m not sure it was deserving, having not seen much from the year, especially two of the other nominees, but I do know that I love this film. You want Disney magic? You got it here. Some may say typical “princess” fairy tale Disney, but I say they did it original and they did it right. The characters, the imagery, the storytelling are all top-notch here. They really pulled everything out and kicked off a great run of animated films with this one. We get our first look of computer animation with the dance scene too. I didn’t know it was there, but when I saw it I definitely recognized it, in a good way, it was great. Belle is a great role model character. She is smart, not shallow, and a beautiful young lady and most importantly she is loving. The Beast on the other hand needs to learn, and learn he does. And it comes with the help of his servants, who have also been transformed. Chip and Lumiere are my favorite. They are all so great though. Just a very fun, enjoyable watch. I hadn’t seen it in forever, hopefully the time between viewings this time isn’t as long.

**** – Masterpiece

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