The Decent (2005)


Written & Directed by Neil Marshall

Yes, there was a lot to like here. But there was also a lot here that I did not like. The set-up seemed to take a long time. There was a lot of filler and I did not like the idea of the past for Sarah. I did not feel like it ended up playing any kind of role in the rest of the film other than making her a wild card not at ease while in the caves. Also, Juno is a tool. What was her freaking deal? There were still decision here that I thought were dumb and did not make sense to me. I was not for the ending either, it didn’t need to end like that and I felt like it even cheated a little when it wasn’t 100% truthful to the audience, but I guess with this we know what the real ending is now anyway.

As for the scary moments? There were some. Not really until the second half of the film when the crawlers finally showed up. It played the idea of claustrophobia really well. The crawlers could have been scarier than they were, but they were still freaky. A lot of the scares came from good editing or loud noises, which I have come to accept from horror films these days; get your scares anyway you can. The scenario itself is scary, even without the crawlers. I think in the end the film suffers from these creatures of the dark because it tries to be scarier than it needed to be.

I don’t much like horror I suppose. Mostly because it seems like it takes a lot to actually scare me, which results in me just thinking things are dumb. I know this opinion is biased because I know plenty of people that like this film and get quite scared with it. Just not me I guess. Must be something though.

**1/2 – Average


  1. Personally I loved the set-up just as much as I loved that Juno was a bitch. Which version did you watch though, because there are two different versions with two different endings, one very good and another one that goes against the rest of the film?


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