Leap Year (2010)

Directed by Anand Tucker
Written by Deborah Kaplan & Harry Elfont

I didn’t have any expectations of this being anything but average and by the end of it it wasn’t anything but average. I was supremely worried for a better part of it. The writing and directing were pretty bad for the first two acts. Everything was just so bland and predictable. Look, I love Amy Adams, and I still do. She was not the problem with the film, but her character, along with all the other characters were written so horribly that I didn’t like or care about any of them, except maybe Declan (Matthew Goode) a little bit. The performances were fairly typical. Adam Scott as Jeremy was awful as was Kaitlin Olson as Anna’s friend Libby. They were both annoying. I could watch Amy Adams watching an infomercial and be entertained and Goode was decent as well. The third act saved this. It finally came around and tied some things up and made decent strides to being a respectable film. There is even an amazing shot near the end, that they have shown a little of in the trailer, where Amy Adams is standing on a cliff looking out. All in all very forgettable and very average, but because of Amy Adams and the third act, I don’t entirely regret having seen it.

Another thing was that the theater was quite crowded, not really for this one, but there were long lines for tickets and concessions. It surprised me on a Saturday morning but it was nice to see. Maybe people were going to the movies this morning since the Bengals game is at 4:30.

**1/2 – Average

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