Cop Out (2010)


Directed by Kevin Smith
Written by Robb & Mark Cullen

The opposite of Hot Tub Time Machine. I went into this one expecting it to be a well made, funny movie. What I got was not that. It was so cliche. So much so that there are even no less than twenty quotes mentioned from other films. I would have liked to have seen a new spin on the buddy cop comedy, but instead just more of the same, and it wasn’t even that funny. Bruce Willis basically phones it in and Seann William Scott, while I like the idea of his character, just comes off as annoying. Tracy Morgan on the other hand is good with his ridiculous antics. But he is the only bright spot in an otherwise paint by numbers type film.

The direction wasn’t great either. The angles and looks weren’t interesting and were just things I have seen before. The editing, also done by Smith, was also questionable. It broke any flow that it seemed to be gaining most of the time. The side characters added nothing to the proceedings either. The detective combo of Adam Brody and Kevin Pollack, Morgan’s wife played by Rashida Jones, and more importantly the main villian “Po’ Boy” were insiginificant. Did I mention this film is about a baseball card? Yea, well I hate when this happens. I went in wanting and hoping for a good comedy, and I did get some laughs thanks to Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott’s cellmate who knits sweaters, but I was greatly disappointed. Believe me when I say I wish this film was awesome and one of the best comedies in years, but it’s not.

** – Poor

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  1. Interesting read! I've been debating on if I should see this or not. I'm a big fan of Kevin Smith, but at the same time the reviews for Cop Out have been mostly negative. I'll probably just give it a rent when it comes out on DVD.


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