How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Directed by Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois
Written by Peter Tolan and Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois

I said this looked like fun, and boy was it! It started off a little slow with the set up and narration, albeit during an otherwise action sequence, but once the story started it soared. The voice casting was great. Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) is the son of the the leader of his Viking village, but he has not quite lived up to the expectations of his dragon slaying peers. He is must more the anti-hero in the beginning. But he is ambitious, he wants to fit in, although that may not be who he is. As can be told from the trailer, he soon stumbles upon a dragon and befriends him. He keeps it a secret for as long as he can, but how long can that be kept a secret?

Along with Jay Baruchel, voice talents include Craig Ferguson, America Ferrerra, Jonah Hill, T.J. Miller, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Gerard Butler. Butler is the only one that annoys me, but that might be based only on my personal dislike of him. I guess for the character he voiced he fit it, but all of Hiccup’s sidekicks were generally pretty awesome. What I liked most about the film though was the visuals and the score. When Hiccup is “training” the dragon, those are the scenes that make the movie. I had goosebumps some of the times just because of what I was looking at and listening to. The score really complemented the sequences really well.

The ending is about what you expect, but what would you expect from a animated kids movie? I mean it would have been a let down had it ended any differently for me and that is what I love so much about animated films and films marketed towards kids. I will always be a kid and I will generally always love these movies. As my roommate said, who saw it with me and also enjoyed it, “I can’t wait to have kids and have an excuse to see these kinds of movies.”

***1/2 – Great

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  1. I saw this a few nights ago and was pleasantly surprised. Great animation and voice work. I completely agree that the scenes during which Hiccup trained his dragon Toothless were among the best. That score is fantastic. Simply fantastic.


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