Robin Hood (2010)

Directed by Ridley Scott
Written by Brian Helgeland

The story of Robin Hood is one of those that will always be good to me. Like James Bond. It doesn’t matter what is up there on screen, I will probably like it. Even when you change the story a little bit. Animated? Well that’s my favorite animated film of all time. Comedy? Well that one makes me laugh days on end. Kevin Costner? Well I always had a soft spot for Kevin Costner movies. Swashbuckling? Well, I mean Errol Flynn, I mean he is like my hero. I always try to laugh like a man now. So what is this one about? Well the whole craze in movies this day is where did it come from. The Batman series did it, Star Trek just did it, so why not Robin Hood too. As suspected it falls under the category of “of course I liked it”, though I would stop short of saying I loved it. What director Scott (Gladiator) and screenwriter Helgeland (L.A. Confidential) spin here is a somewhat more believable, though I use that term loosely, tale of Robin the Hood.

Mistaken for Robin of Loxley, Robin Longstride )Russell Crowe) is the noble man and not the nobleman we all love. Maid Marion (Cate Blanchett) is not a childhood sweetheart or some long sought after woman in Robin’s life. No, she is a stranger. The merry band of men in the forest appear to be a group of children in Sherwood Forest, and the real sidekicks are just a few Crusader buddies. The plot falls on Godfrey (Mark Strong) and Prince John (Oscar Isaac) to be the evil that Robin must defeat.

The execution of the film is fun. Scott actually captures a fairly striking film, utilizing lighting and natural surroundings to grab some pretty great shots. Sadly, that is the only time I will use the word great in this review. The rest of the film was decent. The performances were decent, the costumes/sets were decent. The battle sequences were pretty good though. What really bothered me though was the editing, which seems off many times and the score. The music never seemed to click with the film. Apart from that I actually enjoyed the obvious dumb humor.

My review is biased, yes, I admit that, I love the character/story of Robin Hood. But for a summer movie we have another average flick that will deliver to the casual popcorn muncher but might leave the hardcore junior mints with bad breath.

**1/2 – Average

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