The A-Team (2010)

Directed by Joe Carnahan
Written by Skip Woods, Brian Bloom & Joe Carnahan

The film based on the famous television series. Sadly, I have never seen the original series and therefore have nothing to base it off of. But that being said, movies like this should not really be compared to their source material because they are separate works, although I also understand that this feat is impossible. So the movie/series is about four Army Rangers who form a unit who complete missions for the government, to my understanding at least. In this instance, the guys are out to clear their names for a mission gone bad, or better, a mission that set them up.

The cast is a pretty good one. You have Bradley Cooper as Faceman, Liam Neeson as Hannibal, Quentin Jackson as B.A., and Sharlto Copely as Murdock. They all play their parts well, but Copely is the standout, as he was in last years District 9. He creates a wonderfully mad character who was easy to love. In addition to the four main character we get Jessica Biel as an Army officer in charge of investigating the debacle of a misison and Patrick Wilson as CIA agent Lynch. Lynch is the other standout in the cast as the man who is attempting to help clear the names of the A-Team.

The plot itself was a bit weak. US Mint printing plates are stolen and must be recovered. But first, the film opens with a brief origin story which does not seem to satisfy. It is too simple and does not tell us enough of what we need to know, and that thread continues throughout the film in terms of character development. The writers do throw in a dumb romance between the two pretty cast members, go figure. The action in the film is pretty good though, lots of explosions. But honestly, that could have been better too. It was all bells and whistles. But here it was not the cool bike bells that make you happy every time you hear them; instead you get the bell next to the ring that lets you know you are about to get clocked by some huge guy with boxing gloves on. And the whistle is not the girl whistle you have heard when something pretty walks by; no, this whistle is the kind where the drill sergeant is upset with you.

The action was often disorienting and over the top, if not entertaining at least. The comedy seemed to hit most of the time to its credit, but overall the film was simple popcorn, summer blockbuster entertainment and will be something that will be forgotten when it comes to the end of the year. I cannot comment to fans of the show, having never seen it myself, but for action fans, this one may deliver for you. If you are looking for something with a little more thought, and a little more character, seek it elsewhere. I liked it in the end, but not any more than it deserves to be liked.

**1/2 – Average

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