Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Directed by Edgar Wright
Written by Edgar Wright & Michael Bacall

I had heard a lot of buzz about this from the people who had read the comic book series, but apart from that and the fact that Michael Cera was in it, I didn’t know a whole lot about the film. So when I went in to see it, I was delivered a product that was completely foreign to me in so many ways, but in the end, I ended up liking it quite a bit. The plot is simple enough: Scott finds the girl of his dreams, only to learn that she has 7 evil ex’s that he must defeat in order to date her. Not your run of the mill plot, but simple nonetheless.

There are two things I absolutely loved about the film: the cast and the style. I’ll start with the style. Edgar Wright, famous for his comedies Shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz, creates a comic book world mixed with a video game worl mixed with Toronto and it is awesome to watch. It is hard to describe without simply seeing it, but the screen texts, the scene transitions, every little thing about what is on screen caught my eye and brought me joy, and so did the cast. Michael Cera plays Scott and seems to fit the part perfectly, but at the same time, the surrounding cast is amazing too. The evil ex’s, headed by Jason Schwartzman and Chris Evans, do a great job. Aubrey Plaza, though not on screen a whole lot, makes me smile everytime I see her. She is just funny, no matter what. And the same can pretty much be said for Anna Kendrick, who shows up as Scott’s older sister. But what really got me were the cameos by Clifton Collins Jr. and Thomas Jane as the Vegan Police and their reactions when the job is done. All of that and I didn’t even mention Kieran Culkin. Great cast.

Apart from those two things, the film was not astounding, but those two things were plenty for me to have a good time and enjoy myself. It was cool, it was funny, it rocked, and it made me smile. That is about all I can ask out of a comedy. I just can’t get over how cool it was visually. Man.

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