The Other Guys (2010)

Directed by Adam McKay
Written by Adam McKay & Chris Henchy

I am a fan of Will Ferrell’s comedy and the films that Adam McKay has directed and so when I heard that this was coming out I was excited. The combination with Mark Wahlberg also seemed promising, but when my friends went and saw it without me, I was left to either see it by myself or not at all. Luckily, I was able to finally go see it, and with a friend, though she had already seen it and just wanted to see it again. My first reaction would be that I saw it at the right time. It was not outstanding, nor was it bad. It was a funny movie and I’m glad I did finally go see it, but I would not call it opening weekend material anyway.

My two favorite things about the entire movie were the roles and performances of Steve Coogan and Michael Keaton. I have slowly become a Keaton fan over the last year or so and can’t really say why, but I loved him here as the Captain who works a second job. There was something about his delivery that was delicious comedy. And Coogan as the suspect financial criminal, politics aside, was devilishly funny and Coogan is someone whom I have also grown to love immensely in these comedy roles. The two lead performances were good too. Ferrell was his usual self. Not at his best like he was in Anchorman, but a solid character. Wahlberg was just okay for me. Honestly he was funnier in Date Night, the film released earlier this year.

It had many funny moments and instances of nice comedy set pieces. The gags worked pretty much every time and there were a handful of great lines to hold onto.It just never had me laughing uncontrollably and never made me think it was anything great, anything better than a good, solid comedy. So at the end of the day, glad I saw it. I laughed, I was entertained and that is what you want out of a movie like this, but in the grand scheme of things, not groundbreaking, not all time great, but something to get together with friends and watch and have a good time.

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