Unstoppable (2010)

Directed by Tony Scott
Written by Mark Bomback

Unstoppable is a movie that should just be called Unbelivable, because that is what the events that take place in this film are. We have a repairing of director Tony Scott, acting superstar Denzel Washington and underappreciated Mr. Train from their film from last year, The Taking of Pelham 123. This go round we add to the cast Chris Pine (Star Trek), Rosario Dawson (Seven Pounds), Kevin Corrigan, Ethan Suplee (My Name is Earl) and comedian TJ Miller. But truth be told, the only players that truly matter are Washington, Pine and Dawson.

The film is based on true events, though I would venture to guess very loosely. It is about a runaway train in Pennsylvania that must be stopped or a grave disaster could occur, killing thousands of people. To the rescue we have veteran Frank (Washington) and rookie Will (Pine). There is also the control center boss Connie (Dawson) doing her best to find a way to stop the train and keep the corporate monkeys from doing something stupid. The action is fast paced once the trains start rolling, but there is very little depth to the proceedings. In hindsight, however, there doesn’t need to be.

It may be shallow, but it is action packed and exciting through and through, even if it is unbelievable. There is little to no character development, though Scott tries to throw some in near the end. Some may be able to be fully entertained and enjoy themselves with this film, ala Shoot ‘em Up, but it is just too shallow and far-fetched for me to be able to escape and enjoy myself. I rolled my eyes one to many times. That being said I still had fun, as I usually do, and I greatly enjoyed Denzel Washington per usual. I can also see Pine developing into a very bankable Hollywood star. This is just something that falls into the category of harmless. Isn’t groundbreaking or extrodinary, but also isn’t so bad you wish you’d never seen it. Tony Scott has a style and he is effective with it. It seems to only make sense that Scott would make this film, and with these actors.

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