Cinderella (1950)


Director: Clyde Gernomi, Wilfred Jackson & Hamilton Luske
Writer: Charles Perrault

Here is your simple, traditional love story. Cinderella is a girl who has it tough. Her family has made her their maid and there seems to be little hope for a future. Despite that, she is in high spirits and has dreams, as professed in the first song which is great. Then she bumps into a Fairy Godmother, meets Prince Charming, and falls in love. Like I said very simple and very straight forward. It ends and it’s over, nothing complicated about the story or the ending, just cut and dry. I haven’t quite decided yet if that is a strength or a weakness. Immediately after finishing it, I though it a weakness, but given some time to think about it, I am leaning towards it being brilliant. Why shouldn’t a great story be so simple also?

I liked the mice in it, but I didn’t love them. I was thrown off by how much time was spent with them and Lucifer, the cat. It reminded me somewhat of Tom & Jerry, my favorite cartoon, but not what I consider a Disney feature length film. Jacques and Gus Gus had their moments certainly. They were funny, especially Gus Gus, and the other mice when they made Cinderella her dress for the ball was my favorite scene in the film. The fact that it proceeded to be ripped off of her was saddening, but powerful at the same time. It was quite clear how her sisters felt about her because of this scene. The scene at the ball was great. Great animation. The magic was quite literal this time with the fairy godmother and the power of that glass slipper. So classic still. And in the end I think it is because of the great simplicity of the story, yet how magical it becomes.

***1/2 – Great

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