WD Marathon: Fantasia (1940)


Director: A lot of people
Writers: Joe Grant & Dick Huemer

I was bored to tears by this. I love animation and I love music, classical music too. It can be so beautiful. But in this case it didn’t work for me at all. The animation, though beautiful to look at, was meandering and failed to tell an interesting story to me. If you take the two parts and look at them on their own they are great achievements. The music is stirringly beautiful and sometimes haunting and the animation is cutting edge for the time and imaginative. However, when you couple to two it bored me. They don’t go well together. If I wanted to listen to that music I could do it without sitting in front of a screen watching the animation and the animation would go well in shorts, but strewn together as a movie with the music behind it, it just gets long winded and boring. The final sequence was quite terrifying as well, I was surprised at how dark it was. Even my friends were saying they wanted to turn it off and get to the next one in the marathon. But we powered through because I am a completionist.

*1/2 – Poor

1 comment

  1. If you followed along with FS marathon then you know I am the exact opposite of you regarding Fantasia. I can understand each and every one of your complaints, but I didn't feel that way, and in fact everything that didn't work for you worked for me in spades.


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