Bambi (1942)


Director: David Hand
Writer: Felix Salten

This was shockingly short. Most of the Disney films, especially earlier ones were quite short, but this barely made it past an hour and it surprised me. The animation in it was breathtakingly beautiful though. For 1942, it was ahead of it’s time and must have been a wonder to see in the theater. There were some good characters here too. Bambi and especially Thumper were great to watch. All of the animals were actually. Disney really knows how to do animals and make them cute, interesting, and unforgettable. On the other hand, there were some things I did not really care for in the film. Nothing really that happened, but rather what did not happen. As I said the runtime is a little over one hour and as a result there is not much plot development, not a whole lot happens. We see Bambi born, live his life, face a tragedy, and then come full circle. They try to throw in the fact that he is a prince, but it does not work because it is not necessary. This is an example of a film being too simple in a bad way. It was fun to watch because of the characters and the visuals, but I was left wanting.

**1/2 – Average

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