Sleeping Beauty (1959)


Director: Clyde Geronomi
Writer: Charles Perrault & Erdman Penner

This was a joy to watch. It is my roommates favorite Disney, so he was singing the songs and quoting the quotes. And the songs were good. Given, it was basically the same song throughout the film, but the score was good too. That is something that I have noticed in this marathon: the music is always very good. Disney consistently comes up with great original songs and scores for their fairytale films.It really adds to the magic of it. And speaking of magic, I really liked the fairies here too. They were quite good, though made a few dumb decision near the end, but good nonetheless. Once again, Disney creates some great animal characters as well. The owl especially was great. The scene where they steal the prince’s cape and hat and dance with Aurora is my favorite of the film. Really great stuff. As for Maleficent, she is great at being evil, that’s all I can say. I felt sorry for the crow though because all she called him was her “pet”, she didn’t even give him a name. The fight scene between her and Prince Philip at the end was another great scene that comes to mind. The animation did not stun me ever, except maybe the dark stuff, that was cool. But the story was so strong, as were the characters, that the film was still laid out quite beautifully.

***1/2 – Great

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