Fun and Fancy Free (1947)/Melody Time (1948)


Fun and Fancy Free

This one is comprised of two stories: that of Bongo and that of Mickey and the Beanstalk. If you take each of them separately they both work. Bongo is a circus bear who escapes to live it on his own in the wild. In doing so he finds himself and he finds a girl bear with whom he falls in love. It is a nice story and Bongo is a great character. Mickey and the Beanstalk is exactly what it sounds like: an adaptation of Jack in the Beanstalk, insert Mickey. Donald Duck and Goofy are also thrown in the mix and make nice additions to the story. But the greatest part is the singing harp. A great addition to a classic tale. The live action stuff to set this one up is just meh. It could have been done without, but it wasn’t terrible either. But this one falls into the category of great if looked at separately, but why didn’t they just release them as shorts? I am finding that my problems with these compilation features are that I want just one story and I’m not getting it. So with that perspective I guess I am shorting them based on my own preferences, but that’s just how it goes, I mean my name is on the marathon after all.

**1/2 – Average


Melody Time

This compilation feature contained many great little shorts. The Johnny Appleseed one was my favorite, but Little Toot and Pecos Bill were good too. Like Fun and Fancy Free, this one falls into that category of I wish I would have watched these on Saturday morning while eating my breakfast. They are great cartoons, but are they great animation in terms of feature films? I lean towards saying they are not because when I think of great animation features, particularly Disney, I think of films that are one story: Peter Pan, Snow White, Robin Hood, etc. Those are the great Disney films because they are one narrative. Don’t get me wrong, I think what Disney was doing here was great, but I know for a fact that these would not have been films I would have wanted to go to the theatre to see. Disney is a master of the short, and these are great evidence and I applaud him for his great work, but I look forward to getting out of the short compilation films as soon as possible in this marathon.

*** – Good

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